February 28, 2006

The November 2002 Archive

Nov. 18, 2002

WOTS. Spectacular, but in a good way.

In polictics, no politics in WOTS this week. Why? Because postmortems of elections are rarely accurate and making predictions about elections two years from now based on what happened in this election cycle is even sillier. So WOTS thinks its pretty pointless to go after all the Democractic hand-wringers that appeared in Slate recently, even if they should just all calm down and realize that our war on terrorism has made looking at Democratic intiatives like trying to see the Leonids at noon.

Ok, so a little politics....

In old music news, Dave Samuels calls Kurt Cobain "the most gifted and popular writer that rock music had seen since Lennon/McCartney" and Nirvana the "last great punk rock band in America" and the "greatest pop band in the world." WOTS doubts Plasticman could overeach as much as Samuels does, and WOTS liked Nirvana. First, Cobain was very clearly not the most popular writer since Lennon/McCartney. WOTS would guess there were more than fifty writers more popular (WOTS's crack research staff has determined that Billy Joel sold more albums of entirely his own lyrics than anyone ever.) . Second, while anyone's definition of "gifted" is their own, WOTS would suggest Simon/Garfunkel, Taupin/John, Pete Townshend, Dylan, Springsteen, Roger Waters, and hell, even Eddie Vedder (to name a few). Third, any punkster would tell you that you cannot be a great punk band and be pop, much less the best of both. Fourth, the greatest pop band in the world (and the greatest rock band in the world) in the early '90s (and maybe ever) was U2, who had just released Achtung Baby, one of the best albums of all time, and their first album of all new material since The Joshua Tree, maybe the best album of all time.

WOTS could say more about Nirvana, but, oh, nevermind.....

Note: WOTS's research staff is crack, but not on crack. At least we hope so.

In club news, Jim Holt thinks nightlife has been a little slow lately. Apparently he hasn't tried to get into Lotus recently. WOTS thinks Jim should try standing in the Centro-Fly line this winter and report back if he thinks people aren't going out.

WOTS note to Seth Stevenson, who suggests that kids should play the Potter videogame instead of seeing the movie: WOTS suggets they read the book, then get outside and get some actual physical excerise.

In sports news, Andy Latack thinks Barry Bonds is orchestrating an entire campagin to make people think he is a jerk so he will get more attention that he otherwise would. Wrong. First, Bonds isn't that smart. Second, Mark McGwire got mounds of attention and he was seen as Mr. Nice. WOTS knows anyone who hits a bazillion homers will never be "one of the crowd" no matter what persona he projects.

WOTS reminder: bazillion is larger than kazillion according to a highly placed source WOTS is particuarly fond of.

WOTS hates the underscore thing. WOTS reminds Slate that things like this give WOTS more incentive to do a good job with the First Annual Worst of the Slate Awards on December 20, the nominations for which will be revealed on December 13. Thank you.

WOTS thanks its loyal readers!


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