March 02, 2006

Dickerson's Missing Questions

Inquiring minds want to WOTS.

John Dickerson questions Bush’s lack of questions during the latest released pre-Katrina video, but doesn’t take his argument far enough. WOTS hates when writers miss an obvious point they set up themselves.

If Bush had received multiple briefings prior to the one on the newly released video, and had been pointedly inquisitive at those briefings, then his silence is hardly explained by knowledge of the subject matter. In fact, his silence raises even more questions. Michael Brown told Bush on the video "I'm concerned about ... their ability to respond to a catastrophe within a catastrophe…” Dickerson fumbles around trying to come up with a question to ask Bush in response to this concern.

Here’s three: “Brownie, why after all of these briefings where I asked fabulous questions are you still concerned about the ‘catastrophe within a catastrophe’ scenario? Haven’t you done anything about it since the last time I peppered you with incisive questions? Or do you have something new in mind since my last cross examination?”

In short, if Bush’s attentiveness before is meant to explain his inattentiveness here, the only conclusion from the lack of follow up regarding still pressing concerns was that Bush wrongly felt that nothing else could be done – that “we are fully prepared” means “cross your fingers” -- or that he didn’t care. WOTS thinks its something else -- as Hal E. Chopper, WOTS’s actual helicopter pilot noted (above the din of the spinning blades), Bush never thinks anything he touches will ever go wrong. “Seriously,” Hal screamed, “he’s based his whole war in Iraq on that.”

WOTS only employees insightful helicopter pilots.


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